The future of the video game industry: virtual reality and investments

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Gaming and eSports / 5 November, 2021
The future of the video game industry: virtual reality and investments

Karla García Gil Journalist

The video game industry has shown significant growth during the last few years, hand in hand with new technologies. In 2020, the industry became very popular due to the social distancing caused by the SARS-COV 2 pandemic, even among people who were not used to this form of entertainment.

The evolution and investment potential of the video game industry

The evolution and investment potential of the video game industry

The five Latin American markets that generated the most money in the video game industry total almost 5 billion dollars and Mexico is the leader in the region.

And the fact is that, as of 2018, video games have become the largest entertainment industry globally, according to SuperData Research. In Latin America alone there is a captive market of more than 252 million videogamers.

In the particular case of Mexico, the industry has grown exponentially since the 2000s, with the arrival of companies such as Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, which have made the country one of the most important in the region in terms of video game consumption.

Mexico is currently the twelfth largest video game player in the world and the leader in Latin America. In 2020, 72.3 million gamers were counted, representing 57% of the country’s total population, according to The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU),

Globally, it is estimated that the value of the video game market will generate earnings of 178,000 million dollars during 2021, while by 2025 it will reach 269,000 million dollars. It is also expected that by 2023, the population of videogamers will expand by 50%, reaching 3 billion, according to Statista figures.

Spending on videogames through cell phones amounts to 86 billion dollars, ahead of consoles where 51 billion are spent and computers with 37 billion. Another case that has become particularly popular is the possibility of playing games for free and then paying for add-ons to enrich the game.

As can be seen, the video game sector is an area with a lot of potential and has undoubtedly come to the attention of investors due to a number of factors.

Immersive virtual reality

Immersive virtual reality represents scenes, images or objects generated by a computer program that, although it is a simulated artificial environment, provides a feeling of extreme realism.

Full immersion is gaining more and more ground, especially in the world of video games, where the senses collect data from the environment and send it to the brain for processing. Devices that look like something out of a science fiction movie, such as a VR viewer, headset and special gloves, are used to make the experience truly realistic.

Virtual reality technology creates any imaginable and unimaginable world. The user can be anywhere in the world, in the universe and be whoever they want to be, be it a completely new character, their favorite superhero or simply an enhanced version of themselves.

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