The force is strong with you

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BBVA in Switzerland, Culture / 21 December, 2017

Thaís Lino Cardoso Business Development

We've launched a new cinema section in The cinema industry flawlessly combine technology breakthroughs, art and financial engineering. This is why this section carries an unique space in our web. Welcome to cinema. Welcome to the Swiss experience in BBVA. The last Jedi Forty years ago, the world of science fiction changed forever with the premiere of “Star Wars”. This Christmas, however, the Force is with us again in cinemas with the screening of The last Jedi. The premiere of this second episode of the third trilogy of the biggest box-office saga in film history is out in cinemas worldwide from 15 December. The Skywalkers’ odyssey continues with the heroes of The Force Awakens, joining galactic legends in an epic adventure which discovers ancient mysteries of the Force and impacting revelations about the past. The legendary master Luke Skywalker returns under the orders of Rian Johnson to support the Resistance against Kylo Ben, the grandson of the favourite villain of an entire generation. The fanaticism of the Force of the Star Wars saga has lasted four decades. Fans have managed to take light sabres to fencing competitions and Imperial storm-troopers to wedding ceremonies. The phenomenon goes much further and has its own date on the calendar: 4 May is Star Wars Day. However, throughout the year there are many fairs and conventions where thousands of fans come together to share their obsession for “Sith” and “Jedi” members. This galactic fever has spread and also reached the fashion world. The collaboration between the Christian Louboutin footwear firm and Disney Productions has led to the creation of four high-heel shoe designs to celebrate the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. All of them inspired both in the personality and in the costume of the characters they represent. However, Star Wars has not only conquered the haute couture world; it has also reached gastronomy. Jordi Roca, a BBVA ambassador and self-confessed fan of the mythical saga created by George Lucas, has taken inspiration from the famous villain Darth Vader to create his Helado Oscuro (Dark Ice Cream), as part of the Rocambolesc ice cream brand. Disney has announced a new Star Wars trilogy which will be in cinemas as from 2020. No precise dates have been given for the new films, but the current trilogy ends in two years’ time.