The cloud: advances and companies to invest with by 2022 according to Bloomberg

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Cloud, Travel technology / 14 March, 2022
The cloud: advances and companies to invest with by 2022 according to Bloomberg

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

At the moment, there are numerous ways to invest. A variety of platforms and companies that offer ways to invest that can be low cost or low risk, paving the way for new investors with small capital to get started in the world of investments.

With a long list of possibilities, here are four companies that offer one of many ways to invest your money: ETFs.

The cloud, from an intangible idea to an entire industrial sector

The cloud, from an intangible idea to an entire industrial sector

Perhaps the most intangible product invented by man, so much so that its name carries it, the cloud, is a market that despite being very large continues to expand and has very important upward projections, around $129,000 million dollars in preliminary revenue in 2020.

But first, what is an ETF?

ETFs are exchange traded funds and they have a feature that makes them unique: they are traded on secondary stock markets. These types of funds are also characterized by being easy to operate and their costs are lower than other types of investment.

Now, these three companies are an excellent option to use during 2022 as a way to get started in the financial market. Always remember to consult a financial advisor or financial entity, such as BBVA New Gen, to provide an indication of the best option to choose that has the greatest possibility of favorable results for the investor.

1.Polar Capital

This company has 16 investment teams and 32 funds to invest. Founded in 2001, it has a long history in the market. Its funds have multiple available industries, among them we can highlight: Automation and artificial intelligence, biotechnology, emerging markets, health, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, among others.

2.Lyxor ETFs

Lyxor is characterized by seeking new investment opportunities for its clients after 21 years of experience and is positioned as the third largest and longest-standing provider of ETFs in Europe. Its ETFs vary between themes such as robotics, climate change, smart cities, water, alternative energies, among others.

3.ARK Invest

Founded in 2014 by Cathie Wood with one main goal: to innovate. ARK Invest focuses on funds related to topics such as robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology with multiple investment strategies to seek the success of its funds.


Another platform to consider when exploring these options is WisdomTree, a company that offers potential exposure to income, performance, or investment diversification. As of September 2021, WisdomTree had 87 people in Europe monitoring 273 ETP products, 16 years after the launch of its first ETFs.

A range of options

You can then see how the market has diversified considerably over the years, offering more and more options to both novice and experienced investors.

With this range of options, one of the goals this year should be to become an investor.

How to invest in Cloud?

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