The best financial advice at the click of a finger


Nowadays, customers decide when and how they want to receive the best financial advice. That's why we've developed two tools to enable them to take control of their decisions, comfortably from their own homes and at the click of a finger. With the new investment proposal and corporate action modules now available as part of the BBVA e-banking and mobile banking services in Switzerland, customers can make better decisions based on the most competitive advice. Click & Trade proposals From now on, customers who have taken out an advice agreement with the bank will be able to receive investment proposals through our e-banking and mobile banking platforms. With just a few clicks of the finger, they will be able to review and accept proposals easily and clearly. Corporate Actions Meanwhile, customers who register with the corporate action module will receive a notification every time an action (voluntary or mandatory) takes place related to any of their investments. Whether it's the collection of a dividend or coupon or the launch of a public offering, to name just a couple of possibilities, customers will be able to manage actions simply and quickly. The release of these new modules, combined with other projects already under way, like the revolutionary digital signature, represents another step forward in our determination to put the bank in customers' hands. At BBVA in Switzerland we continue to forge ahead with this great digital transformation project in which we encourage you to play your own role.