The best doctors in the world at your fingertips

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BBVA in Switzerland / 1 June, 2017
The best doctors in the world at your fingertips

Thaís Lino Cardoso Business Development

A second expert medical opinion assures a more accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment. In an ever more hectic world, medical decisions are usually taken on the hop and based on the knowledge and experience of just one professional. Advances in medicine are constantly evolving worldwide, hence receiving opinions from different international experts specialising in each area may mark the difference when it comes to deciding on the best medical treatment. Cases like that of Nicolás, a 7-year-old child, are an example of how the support of a second medical opinion can be crucial when it comes to guaranteeing that all the available options have been discussed, approved and explained in each case, thus assuring that the best treatment is applied. Nicolás had always been choosy when it came to eating, always preferring soft food. When he began to systematically avoid any kind of solid food at all costs and he lost almost 7 kilos in weight over a period of several months, his parents took him to the usual specialists. The doctors attending Nicolás indicated that the problem was due to the child experiencing pain when he swallowed and they recommended surgery on his pharynx to relieve the symptoms. After using our second medical opinion service, Nicolás’ case was referred to a paediatrician specialising in gastroenterology and nutrition and to a renowned surgeon practising in an excellence centre for gastrointestinal illnesses. Both experts researched the case and they agreed that the child did not require surgery. They reached the conclusion that Nicolás presented symptoms of phagophobia (fear of choking) and they recommended he should be seen by a child psychologist. After this process, Nicolás underwent a full recovery in 10 weeks.
“The second medical opinion service enables you to improve the health care you receive by attaining advice from doctors who are experts in a particular field.”
Cases like that of Nicolás can occur in any family. By having a second expert medical opinion service you get the chance to have top doctors analyse the patient’s medical situation, irrespective of where they reside. BBVA Suiza offers its clients the possibility of being attended by the world’s most acclaimed professionals to protect their health and that of their family.