The advantages that the increase in cybersecurity has brought and what is to come

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Cybersecurity / 16 June, 2021
The advantages that the increase in cybersecurity has brought and what is to come

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Network security continues to gain importance in all industries after experiencing an increase in cybercrime. That is why here we bring you the benefits of a good cybersecurity plan for companies and users.

The increase in the use of devices connected to the network has led to the development of cybersecurity as a shield against cyber attack attempts that can put confidential information of both companies and users at risk.

That is why, after many years of evolution, cybersecurity has become an industry to which more attention is paid every day and attracts new investors on a daily basis, who seek to contribute to a better detection and response to possible attacks.

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

The flow of personal data generated by these new technologies may leave our privacy exposed, meaning the concept of cybersecurity is increasingly critical.

Cybersecurity in companies

As a company, having a team dedicated to the cybersecurity of the company’s data is of vital importance since each attack or even an attempt to steal information can be quite costly, both on a reputational and financial level.

Cybersecurity is also a determining issue for those businesses that have online stores, since guaranteeing privacy and security in their transactions will give the user greater confidence compared to their competitors.

It is important to note that cybercriminals can attack both large and small companies, so it is advisable for small businesses to take the necessary measures to protect themselves since, according to The Missing Report [1], 43% of cyberattacks in 2021 were against small businesses.


Cybersecurity as a user

As an internet user, cybersecurity is also necessary to protect your data, as well as your financial information. Greater knowledge about how to safely browse the web can make the difference between being the victim of a cyberattack or being able to surf the internet with complete confidence.

While cybersecurity has advanced considerably, so have cybercriminals, and knowledge about the attacks has generated mistrust in users. A recent ESET survey [2] states that more than 55% of users believe that their personal information is not really protected online.

However, it is important to mention that human errors are an important part of cybersecurity for both companies and users.


How does human error affect cybersecurity?

One of the most common human mistakes in the cyber world is passwords. Using really strong passwords is vitally important. A sample of this is the NordPass publication [3] that shows the most used passwords during 2020, the time it takes to be hacked and the number of users who have been exposed.

The first place is occupied by the password “123456”, with more than 2,500,000 users who make use of it, which has been exposed more than 23,597,000 times.


A long way to go

Providing a 100% secure internet requires a long way to go, which is fed by companies specialized in improving cybersecurity processes and user education to block the passage of cybercriminals.


How to invest in Cybersecurity?

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