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The 15 best tips to save energy at home

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Energy saving technology / 1 September, 2021

Karla García Gil Journalist

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Saving energy is essential not only to reduce our monthly bill but also to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used in electricity generation, thus avoiding the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

How to Invest to Save Electrical Power and Get Performance on the Road

How to Invest to Save Electrical Power and Get Performance on the Road

The saving of electrical energy, both individual and business, represents an important point in industrial costs and environmental impact. Therefore, targeting socially responsible investments to services or enterprises that result in energy efficiency can bring a good economic result and a good environmental impact.

According to World Bank (WB) data, the most developed countries waste up to 98% of the energy they produce in their metropolitan areas. It should be noted that about 31% of energy comes from oil, 26% from coal and 23% from gas.

It is important to take the pertinent actions to save energy at home, since it constitutes a fundamental element of our daily life.

Energy saving tips

  1. Unplugging electronic devices when they are not in use can provide up to 10% monthly savings.
  2. Turning off computer monitors not only protects your equipment, but is also a way to save energy and contribute to the environment.
  3. Keep only the necessary lights on, avoiding turning them on during the day or when no one is at home.
  4. Use energy-saving bulbs that, although they seem more expensive at first glance, represent a cost-benefit advantage in the long term.
  5. Taking advantage of natural light at home is taking advantage of the goodness of nature and the best thing is, it’s free!
  6. Use energy efficient appliances identified by the A+ label. Remember that the more letters and signs it has, the more energy efficient it will be.
  7. Open the refrigerator and fridge door only when necessary, since this appliance is one of the most energy consuming.
  8. Opt for clean energies if there is the possibility of doing so, such is the case of solar panels.
  9. Reduce the frequency of use of the television and other non-essential appliances.
  10. Reduce the use of certain household appliances such as washing machines, irons and microwave ovens.
  11. Moderate use of heating, air conditioning and fans, as well as their appropriate regulation.
  12. Taking short showers will not only save gas but also water.
  13. Washing with cold water, which in addition to the obvious advantage, is a benefit in the care of clothes.
  14. Cover pots to speed up cooking, preventing heat from escaping and gas from being wasted.
  15. Paint the house in light colors to provide greater illumination to the space without using electricity.

In today’s digitized world, we depend on energy for much of our daily activities and a better quality of life. Without energy, communities live with deficiencies in the most basic services such as health and education, in addition to being a constraint for companies and in turn for investors, leading to unemployment and poverty.

According to WB figures, close to 1 billion people still live without electricity, and hundreds of millions have a deficient supply, which is why it is important for communities that do have access to this service to avoid wasting it.


How to invest in Energy saving technology?

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How to invest in Energy saving technology?

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