Take advantage of Samsung Pay as a digital payment

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BBVA in Switzerland, Digital economy, Fintech / 22 September, 2020
Take advantage of Samsung Pay as a digital payment


Have you already known all the advantages of Samsung Pay as a digital payment?

From now on, with the BBVA in Switzerland credit cards, you only need your mobile (or your smartwatch) to complete your purchases. Your wallet stays at home.

With Samsung Pay, you can use the BBVA in Switzerland credit cards at any establishment that accepts contactless payments anywhere in the world. All is done digitally, to make your payments even more secure and convenient.

samsung pay

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is Samsung’s payment system through mobile or smartwatch.

You can configure your BBVA Switzerland credit cards and use them through your device in establishments that accept contactless payments.

samsung pay

What do you need to use Samsung Pay?

1. A mobile phone or smartwatch

2. The latest version of Android

3. The latest version of Samsung Pay

4. A BBVA Switzerland credit card


How do you set up your Samsung Pay?

samsung pay

samsung pay

samsung pay

Do you have any more questions about Samsung Pay? Find out more here.

For more information, please contact your Investment Advisor.


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