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Switzerland heads the ranking of the most innovative countries

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Innovation / 7 July, 2017

Raúl Benito Corporate Communications

Switzerland heads the ranking of the most innovative countries. This is what stems from the World Innovation Index, published jointly by Cornell University (USA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The survey, which this year is in its tenth edition, assesses the situation of 127 countries accounting for 92.5% of the world population and 97.6% of the world’s GDP, we are told by our colleague Luz Fernández Espinosa of BBVA.com.
Switzerland appears for the seventh year running as the most innovative country, with particular emphasis on “human capital and research, infrastructures and business development”.
The index, which has become an essential indicator for business chiefs and world leaders, takes innovation into account as a driver for economic growth and prosperity. The survey assesses five basic aspects:
  1. Institutions
  2. Human capital and research
  3. Infrastructures
  4. Market development
  5. Business development.
Furthermore, the innovation sub-index reflects the results from sections 6) technology and 7) creativity. The survey undergoes an independent audit performed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. As far as Latin America is concerned, the ranking is headed by Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, respectively. These countries get good scores in human capital and research (perhaps due to the quality of their universities) and ICT infrastructures. The index appendices refer to an interesting study on the application of digital technology in the exploitation of natural resources and innovation in food systems. Drones, robot- or satellite-operated sensors, will help to optimise production and distribution, fostering new work paradigms, minimising pressures on the earth, energy and natural resources.