Swiss Private Banking: Financing alternatives for reinvestment

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BBVA in Switzerland, Financial Education / 18 November, 2019
Swiss Private Banking: Financing alternatives for reinvestment

Selena Bellosta Benedetto Relationship Manager

With an almost centennial trajectory, the history of private banking in Switzerland is synonymous with excellence. It is characterized by its stability, reliability, security and knowledge.

The expertise of Swiss private banking goes well beyond access to a global universe of assets, a fully open architecture model and an extraordinary advisory service. Its range of possibilities encompasses, remarkably, exclusive financing models for reinvestments.

Therefore, one of the main characteristics among Private Banking in Switzerland is that it allows investments up to the double of the initial capital.

One of the pillars that make Switzerland private banking a differential service is a variable-rate loan; which offers rapid exponential growth in the performance of the investment portfolio.

This differential service has three main aspects that offer high value: The guarantee, the efficiency and the cost; which allow Swiss private banking customers to increase their investment capacity in financial markets. But also they are often used to meet specific liquidity needs.

Swiss banking offers an optimal 360-degree investment in investor portfolios

Lombard Loans

The particularity of this variant lies in making use of the existing financial assets themselves as collateral.

These financial vehicles have a different lending value guarantee value according to the degree of guarantee established. What makes its effectiveness optimal, since the guarantee is already present, is that the procedure is minimal in execution and operation time. Besides, the current situation of rates shows this investment alternative.

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