Shared Mobility: An Ally for the Planet

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Mobility, Shared mobility / 11 May, 2022
Shared Mobility: An Ally for the Planet

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Shared mobility is a trend that has been developing for several years as a way to reduce the traffic generated in large cities as a result of overpopulation. Every year it adds more followers thanks to its advantages and benefits, both for the person and for the planet.

Although this system can help to considerably reduce the environmental impact generated by cars, it also has benefits for the user, such as greater mobility compared to public transport, lower cost in both services and tickets, and a greater sense of security.

Advantages of shared mobility

Advantages of shared mobility

Without realizing it, thanks to the massive consumption of fossil fuels that comes with everyone having their own car, we caused the acceleration of global warming that we are trying to combat today.

Traffic in the world

According to the Traffic Index and its most recent publication, certain cities in the world have high traffic levels that translate into a large number of hours lost, as well as a greater environmental impact and an increase in respiratory problems in the population due to the gas emission.

Among the first 5 cities on this list, the following stand out: Istanbul, Moscow, Kyiv, Bogota and Bombay. All these cities add up to more than 120 hours lost in traffic per year, reaching up to 142 hours in Istanbul.

These levels of overpopulation of cars have a strong impact both on the planet and on the daily life of the inhabitants, which has made shared mobility popular as a way of putting a grain of sand in the face of a high-dimensional problem.

Cars, bikes, skateboards, buses and more

Shared mobility is not only limited to cars. After the evolution of this industry, corporate services of shuttles or buses, bicycles and motorcycles are offered.

This variety gives the user the possibility of having a range of options that fits their budget and this, in turn, is what has allowed this industry to become more popular each year, increasing the total number of shared trips by millions.

It is to be expected, then, that this trend has become one of the most popular among investors, thanks to the variety of companies to invest in, the multiple benefits it offers in terms of sustainability, and the rapid rise that its popularity has had in various cities.

This represents another challenge for cities, which must consider ways to adapt to this new form of mobility that can mean a significant change in the high density of traffic that certain cities experience and that, in addition, can attack a current problem from the root: CO2 emissions.

The transport industry is responsible for the largest amount of CO2 emissions today and shared mobility can be one of many solutions to the same problem: global warming.

With so many benefits on the list, the time to invest in shared mobility is now.

How to invest in Shared mobility?

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