Robotics at home: examples of robots designed to support us at home

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Robotics / 5 May, 2021
Robotics at home: examples of robots designed to support us at home

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Technology advances by long strides and robots come into our day to day to support and accelerate household tasks. Here are some examples of robotics for the home covering cleaning, cooking and outdoor maintenance.

Robotics has evolved enough to reach the point of living with humanity and, although there are hundreds of filmographic references that show this as a bad idea, the truth is that the applications that robots have been given to help and assist in the home have become a very popular topic.

This science, which is not only dedicated to making life at home easier, shows increasingly impressive advances in all industries.

While robotics can be applied to every industry in society with considerable benefits, here are examples of the use of robots in the home.

Educational robotics, opportunities for investment in sustainable social development

Educational robotics, opportunities for investment in sustainable social development

Educational robotics presents new opportunities for investment in sustainable social development.

Automated cleaning

One of the most popular examples of robotics at home today are robots that perform cleaning tasks, saving time and energy for the inhabitants of the same.

Depending on their models, these robots are capable of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with advanced navigation systems that do not damage the property.

But automated cleaning doesn’t just apply to home floors. Currently, there are also robots created to clean swimming pools, windows and barbecues, attacking the tasks that are usually more tedious.


Garden maintenance

The design of robots to support humans in their day-to-day lives has also manifested itself in the tasks of watering gardens, sprinklers and lawn mowers.

In this way, artificial intelligence helps humans to keep the exterior of their homes in the desired conditions with minimal effort.


Food preparation

Many people love the experience of cooking, so these types of robots are not for everyone. However, robotics no longer only clean but can cook for you.

There are several models of robots on the market that can cook complete meals. The only task for the user is to decide the dish and place the ingredients.

In addition, foods that may seem difficult to prepare, such as bread at home, are already within everyone’s reach, with the popular bakeries that allow the user to have fresh bread every day, just by entering the ingredients.


Robotics within everyone’s reach

After years of development, offering artificial intelligence and robotics to the general public is not only possible, but it is an area in constant development, so the future of this science is promising and interesting.

Artificial intelligence is already in our environment, with dozens of examples currently used in daily life. However, having a robot that simplifies household chores definitely turns out to be a plus.

That is why this industry is a lucrative option under development for investors. From robotics at home to robotics in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, among many others.

As far as technology is concerned, the sky is the limit and we will observe it in the coming years.


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