Reasons why investing in vegetarianism is a good decision

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Healthy life, Vegetarianism / 11 March, 2022
Reasons why investing in vegetarianism is a good decision

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

A vegetarian diet is a term that is heard more frequently each year. The benefits of vegetarianism position it as a trend with a greater number of followers every day, which translates into considerable growth in this industry.

The rise of this nutrition trend is based on multiple reasons, one of the most important being the health aspect, and its popularity makes the so-called “veggies” industry one of the right investment ideas for this 2022.

Why? For its impact in all areas that concern the human being.

Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism

Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism, as well as the investment opportunities it represents.

Vegetarian diet and health

There are multiple studies that highlight the importance of the benefits of not consuming meat. Among them, it can be highlighted that a vegetarian diet provides:

Benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Cancer risk reduction.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Decreased blood pressure.

Although it must be supplemented with vitamins that replace the nutrients obtained from meat, the health benefits have a great weight in the decision to become part of the ‘veggies’ group, either partially or completely.

Vegetarianism as a market

There is a long list of industries fueling this nutrition trend, and growth within nearly all of them has been significant. This industry is segmented by product types, distribution channels, and regions. Each category is made up of numerous companies that show a significant increase in value each year.

Overall, plant-based meat market revenues have risen sharply since 2016. According to Statista, it can be seen that the 2022 value is estimated to be almost double the industry value for 2016 and for 2026, the value of this industry is estimated to be almost double what is estimated for 2022.

It is, without a doubt, one of those investment ideas that is projected positively for the future.

The vegetarian diet and sustainability

The challenges that the world faces in the coming years on the climate side are considerably high and every decision that is made to prevent them from becoming greater is important. Veggie diets can be a way to reduce the damage done to the earth, so the promotion of this industry and way of life can also be considered a way of caring for the planet.

Invest in nutrition

Making the decision to invest in the vegetarianism trend is wise from all angles. It is presented as one of the socially responsible investment ideas due to its relationship with the issue of sustainability, successful in improving health and many of the chronic conditions that most frequently affect human beings; and, finally, with an industry whose projection is to grow considerably.

To give concrete examples, some of the companies that attract the attention of investors seeking to be included in this trend are:

With an impressive return on investment, a significant sustainable impact, and a list of health benefits, investing in vegetarianism is a wise decision.


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