Pet nutrition: a vital aspect for their development

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Pets / 14 November, 2021
Pet nutrition: a vital aspect for their development

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The welfare of companion animals continues to position itself as a great industry in which the investor sees the possibility of supporting those companies that are giving the extra and innovating in all aspects that comprise it. From health and disease prevention research to advances and analysis around pet nutrition and how it affects their future.

Pets' influence on their owners' investment decisions

Pets' influence on their owners' investment decisions

Pets represent a decision variable when choosing to invest in a house, in a car, in travel, in their own care or simply in leisure activities.

Focusing particularly on the nutritional aspect, the importance that this has in the lives of our pets determines their quality of life and growth. That is why ensuring that their diet is healthy, balanced and of good quality is the objective of many companies.

The advances in pet health by these companies are also important and the services that help their owners to improve their quality of life continue to grow.

Being a subject in considerable growth, companies that are innovating perform very well in the financial market and this, in part, is due to a wave of investors seeking to place their capital in industries that align with their tastes and interests , in order to support a cause by investing in it.

Financial analysis points to companies with a long history that have diversified their services, grouping several categories focused on improving the quality of life of pets and some of them are Zoetis, Freshpet Inc, Chewy, Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, Pets At Home Group Plc, Trupanion, Covetrus, Central Garden & Pet Company.

Why Invest in Pet Nutrition?

Beyond performance in the financial market, which should always be analyzed before making the decision to invest, using your capital in something that is aligned with your daily life has become a determining factor in the face of young investors.

That is why, if you have a pet, you are most likely looking for investments that translate into benefits for them. This trend has promoted topics such as pets, video games, clean energy, environmental sustainability and smart technologies, thanks to being current topics, with a good performance on the stock market and with results that improve people’s quality of life.

Investing in what you believe

BBVA New Gen has identified this trend and, based on it, has created a portfolio of important companies with interesting performance to connect investors with companies that align with what they support or believe.

By doing this, a long trajectory in the investment world can be combined with those investors who are looking for specific companies or industries to make socially responsible investments or investments in topics of interest to them.

How to invest in Pets?

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