Mora advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing

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3d printing / 23 May, 2021
Mora advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing

Edgar Mondragón Tenorio Journalist

Computer-aided printing, or simply 3D printing, has represented a solution for the field of design in all its branches. Thanks to this technology, the old techniques, practically handmade, have been replaced to produce prototypes of designs and scale models, even finished products for sale.

Although it is already a little more common to hear or read news about its use, and even see these devices in study and work centers, it is a technology that is still developing and, therefore, despite its many strengths, still presents areas of opportunity. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing.

3D printing revolutionizes the field of medicine and breaks new ground

3D printing revolutionizes the field of medicine and breaks new ground

After becoming considerably popular, 3D printing has driven the evolution of numerous aspects such as medicine, which is already in constant change and now, unknown paths opened by 3D printing remain to be traversed.

Advantages of 3D printing

  • Speed and price. According to the manufacturers themselves, this technology reduces the production time of a prototype by up to 10 times compared to previous techniques and 5 times cheaper.
  • Cost reduction. Although these printers are considered expensive, so much so that they are not a common object in any home or small business, they are a much cheaper alternative to rapid prototyping machines that can reach prices of over 500 thousand dollars.
  • Practicality. 3D printers are small, safe, easy to use and reliable. All these characteristics have led to them being seen more and more, for example, in schools.
  • Multiple applications. Design is not limited to the industrial or textile sectors. The wide range of sectors where designs of almost anything are required offers a broad spectrum of possible uses for 3D printers. A clear example is medicine, where prosthesis prototypes are already being produced.

Disadvantages of 3D printing

  • Model finishing. As advanced as it may seem, unfortunately the finish of prototypes made on 3D printers are still inferior to those of high-end rapid prototyping machines.
  • Materials. The number of materials that can be used in these printers is limited to some types of polymers, resins and even metals, which ends up affecting the quality of the prototype, leaving an undesirable texture, or limiting the number of colors.
  • Copyright. The development and improvement of this technology will also facilitate the replication of many objects, so that the intellectual property rights of the original designs will be violated, and it will become a difficult situation to control.

This technology has not yet developed its full potential, the road will be long but the benefits it promises will also be great. It will develop a large market that will not be limited to arts and design; the limit will be what can be imagined.



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