Medicinal Cannabis Industry and its growth in the world

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Cannabis / 6 April, 2021
Medicinal Cannabis Industry and its growth in the world

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The use of medicinal cannabis as a therapy for some diseases or relief of symptoms resulting from treatments has expanded around the world after scientifically proving its benefits in patients. Thanks to this, it has scaled its position in the world’s industries and is presented as an investment possibility for all those interested in supporting its growth.

Like any investment, this industry has numerous risks and benefits to take into account. However, its growth has positioned it in the minds of many investors.

Although this product is regulated and prohibited in many countries, these regulations could change at any time, boosting this industry and ensuring considerable growth.

One of the reasons why the medical cannabis industry grew considerably was the decision made by the United Nations (UN). After a vote that included the 53 States of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, it was decided by simple majority to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Drug Convention.

This was an important step, as it officially recognized its medicinal utility and paved the way for the expansion of this industry to begin.

Cannabis: the potential of a growing industry

Cannabis: the potential of a growing industry

In the coming years there will be companies that manage to capture the cannabis market and become generators of income and a source of jobs, therefore, investors from all over the world have shown increasing interest in investing in the industry.

Socially responsible investments

Despite its potential expansion, medical cannabis continues to be a hot topic in many countries, creating considerable moral hazard when investing.

Socially responsible investing is an important aspect today. The investor not only considers the profitability of their investments, but also their social or environmental impact and this determines the decision making.

Knowledge of the industry to invest

If it is in your interest to invest in the medical cannabis industry, it is important to bear in mind that a greater knowledge of the companies and the product will allow an optimal analysis that leads to better decisions.

There are several ramifications to consider when considering a potential investment in this industry. Among them, we can mention the product categories, such as: medicinal cannabis products, cannabis products for adult use and finally, products for ‘wellness’ use.

Another important aspect to consider are the types of shares that can be acquired, as well as the types of companies. Basically, the question would be in which part of the medical cannabis process do you want to include yourself?

In the market we can find: cannabis cultivators and retailers, biotechnology companies focused on cannabis and companies that provide auxiliary products and services in the supply chain.

We can then conclude that this industry is booming and is attracting more investors every day. Although there is a long way to go in terms of legalization worldwide, the medicinal benefits of this plant have been scientifically proven.

This paves the way for the growth of this industry globally and increases its appeal to investors seeking to support a product that benefits both patients and the world’s economies.

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