Let’s learn together … for a better life

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BBVA Group / 15 June, 2018
Let’s learn together … for a better life

Raúl Benito Corporate Communications

Let's Learn together is an educational project developed by BBVA and the editorial group El País Ediciones S.L, to make our brand promise happen: 'Creating opportunities'. Our intention is to improve people's life. And education is the greatest opportunity that can be given to a child. We want to create a better society, where we can all develop our maximum potential through what we are passionate about. We have all been children, and we all behave like children when it comes to learning. We want to promote communication so that education occupies the place it deserves in the world. We talk to opinion leaders, philosophers, scientists and teachers who help us to be better people We want to give society tools, experiences and knowledge so that all people can develop and have the best opportunities. In today's article, we consider why it is so important to communicate better with others. Victor Küppers, a professor at the International University of Catalonia, has become a communication guru, and his quality advice is trending on YouTube and used in companies for motivational events.
What is the secret of communication? Listen to others.
That is why at BBVA our center is the client. We listen to you, and we develop solutions to your needs. You can see a fragment of the full version in the following video: