Leadership coaching: educational technology and business trend

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Educational technology / 6 November, 2021
Leadership coaching: educational technology and business trend

Karla García Gil Journalist

Leadership coaching is one of the most influential trends in today’s companies and is one of the four leadership styles used by managers to motivate employees by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Coaching leaders guide their teams through overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Educational robotics, opportunities for investment in sustainable social development

Educational robotics, opportunities for investment in sustainable social development

Educational robotics presents new opportunities for investment in sustainable social development.

Coaching is also characterized as a teaching system that places in the hands of each individual, the necessary tools to be able to learn on their own and achieve success. In this sense, new technologies have been the perfect ally to make knowledge available to anyone, adopting coaching an active role in continuing education, focused more on performance than on the simple transmission of information.

Online coaching is gaining followers exponentially, both on the part of coaches, who find in the Internet a means to broaden their business horizons, and on the part of those who resort to such services. Among the advantages of online coaching is that it is possible to search for and find the most suitable coach, regardless of location, and sessions can be held with people from anywhere in the world, allowing for feedback enriched by cultural variations.

Industry Overview

The world of coaching has become so profitable that the International Coach Federation (IFC) estimates the global value of the industry at more than $15 billion and reveals that in the 2016-2020 period, the number of coaches increased 33 percent.

And is that, coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world, only after information technology. It is estimated that in 2019 there were 100,000 coaches worldwide and 92% of these, fully or partially dedicated to this activity.

The costs per session vary and depend on each mentor, as well as on the region where he/she is located and whether it is in person or online. In Mexico, a session ranges from US$19 to US$93 approximately.

In this context, industry experts predict that coaching will continue to boom over the next ten years, which is why it is increasingly attractive for investors and even for those entrepreneurs who want to open their own business in this field.

Tips for entrepreneurship in coaching

  • Invest in training and continuing education, through a detailed and objective-focused plan; that is, take only those courses that are really linked to the business venture and/or that add value to it.
  • Invest in developing a strategy for the business, looking at the market from various angles and analyzing what the competition offers, in order to offer a differentiation that makes our company more attractive.
  • Invest in a good online presence,e. in advertising, especially in social networks, which will define the company’s image and for which it is worth hiring experts to exploit and highlight the company’s strengths.

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