‘One BBVA’ and ‘The Sense of Cocoa’ winners at the Dircom Ramon del Corral 2020 Awards

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/ 22 May, 2020

Sandra Cumbreño Client Solutions

‘One BBVA’ and ‘The Sense of Cocoa’ winners at the Dircom Ramon del Corral 2020 Awards

The Association of Communication Executives and Managers (Dircom) presented the awards in recognition of the two BBVA communication campaigns.

Chosen from more than 200 nominations, ‘One BBVA’ won the ‘Best integrated organisational change campaign’ award and ‘The Sense of Cocoa’ took the ‘Best external services campaign’ award. ‘Values Day’ was selected as a finalist for the ‘Best internal event with more than 500 workers’ award.

The Dircom Ramón del Corral Awards are recognition of BBVA’s corporate communication efforts and highlight the importance of a good communication strategy. The awards form part of the Fundacom international platform, which will once again bring together the finalists of the 23 categories at an international session.

One BBVA’ is the result of the efforts of all regions to unify the brand image of BBVA worldwide. An international campaign to highlight the bank’s presence in the countries in which it operates.

The ‘Sense of Cocoa‘ campaign was developed as part of a pioneering research project in the field of neuroscience and sensory management. As an analysis of ‘dysgeusia’, it aims to raise awareness about taste disorders and the different pathologies that affect the sense of taste. This emotional project has already earned recognition from the Stevie Awards and the American Business Awards.

An unknown pathology affecting how 17% of the world’s population perceive flavours: some can’t perceive any flavours at all, some perceive flavours that don’t exist, and some can’t differentiate between flavours. This proportion has temporarily risen as a result of the coronavirus.

‘El Sentido del Cacao: En busca del gusto perdido’ shows the pathology affecting 17% of the world’s population

Support for the project from a variety of institutions including the Oncological Institute of Barcelona and the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid was instrumental in allowing BBVA to turn a pioneering initiative into a reality. Organised in partnership with El Celler de Can Roca, the campaign highlights different experiences related to the perception of the evocative flavour of chocolate and the importance of stimulating the senses at this moment in time.

Another category of these awards in which BBVA received a special mention was as a finalist for the ‘Best internal event with more than 500 workers’, in recognition of ‘Values Day’. BBVA has been conducting this campaign for the last two years with a view to encouraging the Group’s employees to embrace its cultural transformation and identify with the corporate values.