Large structures built with 3D printing technology

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3d printing, New Gen, New technologies / 31 August, 2021
Large structures built with 3D printing technology

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

New technologies allow humans to explore and expand the limits of what can be achieved. 3D printing is an example of this, as it has revolutionized many industries, including construction. With 3D Printing, new structures are being planned on a daily basis and as an investor, it becomes an attractive and modern investment option.

3D printing continues to amaze with the amount of possibilities it enables. With companies already dedicated exclusively to working with this technology, the limits of what it can and cannot do continue to expand. This type of technology can mean a benefit in almost every industry in society, simplifying processes such as construction, manufacturing, and costs. 

In terms of structures, 3D printing represents great benefits in terms of cost and time. Today, there are great works made with this technology that allow us to affirm that 3D printing is the future. 

An example of this is the Asian design company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, which built a five-story 1,100 mt2 building that had a construction cost of $161,000. This design opened a path of possibilities for all those enthusiasts of 3D printing.

The same company built a 3D printing centre in Shanghai. This center is composed of 7 large buildings, being one of the largest structures in the world and was realized with the participation of 9 to 12 employees and 3 machines. 

Another important project is the municipality of Dubai, which is one of the largest works made with 3D printing and what really makes this project special is that it was printed and built on site, dealing with external conditions and using local components.

However, this technology is not only limited to houses and buildings. Amsterdam took the lead in the use of 3D printing by building a steel bridge for pedestrians that has a total weight of 4.9 tons; this being one of the most impressive works made with this technology.

It is a fact that 3D printing came to improve many aspects of daily life but also for large projects. Multiple companies are pushing the boundaries of what this technology can do, which attracts the attention of the investor market looking to keep up with the latest technologies.

3D printing and sustainability

One aspect in which the construction of structures with 3D printing is at the forefront is that sustainability is a mainstay in many of these great works. 

The use of recycled materials and the reduction of waste represents a positive change to diminish the environmental impact that constructions have throughout the world.

This is one of the reasons why this technology is expected to evolve over the years. 

Invest in 3D Printing

Investing in technologies that represent a positive change for society and also diminish the environmental impact is an important step in the evolution of the human being. 

The use of 3D printing in different industries shows a multifaceted technology that will continue to bring innovations as its use increases. That is why the time to include this industry in its portfolio of investments is now. 

Invest in the future. Invest with New Gen.