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Genome revolution, Healthcare of the future, Healthy life / 13 June, 2022

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Research into new therapies enables better treatments for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases, as well as their early detection, which can multiply by a factor of 3 the life expectancy of people suffering from them.

One example is the recent discovery by the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute, which has detected the antibody MCLA-158, the first drug candidate targeting cancer stem cells, and which would help to prevent the spread of cancer to other organs in the body, i.e., to avoid the dreaded metastasis.

Such research lays the groundwork for incorporating the use of organoids into the drug development process. Organoids are culturable samples from cancer patients that reproduce the behavior of a tumor in the laboratory.

Investing in the genome revolution, a bet on the future

Investing in the genome revolution, a bet on the future

Today, thanks to technological progress, greater globalization of the economy and new interests in the field of medicine, a genome sequence can be obtained for almost ten million times less money.

Thus, after 15 years of research on cancer stem cells, a biobank of organoids was used to decide, from among hundreds of new antibodies, which of them was most suitable for patients, and in this way MCLA-158 was discovered.

The Institute assures that the MCLA-158 antibody inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer organoids, blocks the development of cancers of the head, neck, esophagus and stomach, prevents the onset of metastasis and does not interfere with the functioning of the body’s healthy stem cells, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

The road to such discoveries is exciting but equally complex, requiring a large investment of resources and the efforts of many researchers.

New Gen: The Genome Revolution

The human genome revolution encompasses all those scientific and technological advances that have to do with the analysis of the human genome. The main objective of these advances is to prolong human life and improve its quality.

In New Gen it is possible to invest in research against cancer, through the opportunities offered by this megatrend that not only focuses on the treatment of diseases, but also in the detection of these and even in improving agriculture in the world, which would help to combat world hunger.

New Gen is BBVA’s online investment account in Switzerland, which has a careful selection of companies and the most relevant investment vehicles worldwide, allowing you to invest easily and safely in everything you believe in, of course, for the sake of improving the future of humanity.

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