Introducing the online request service for account opening

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BBVA in Switzerland, Fintech / 7 May, 2020
Introducing the online request service for account opening


Video identification and digital signatures are more necessary than ever in this new normal. In the wake of the social distancing measures introduced to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, BBVA Switzerland has become closer to customers and is using technology to digitise the process for opening accounts.

Technology to stay close to you when you open a new account in International Private Banking

In line with its commitment to closeness and supported by video identification and digital signature technology, BBVA Switzerland has launched a new online platform in record time to make it easier for new customers to open an account. From now on, all new customers will be able to use the new online platform to identify themselves by video call and digitally sign bank account contracts. In the space of just 10 minutes, the platform will enable customers to identify themselves and sign account contracts, apply for loans, register for advisory and asset management services, and more.

The entire process is conducted via video call. All customers need is a smartphone or computer with a camera as well as their valid passport or official ID card. It is as simple as showing their ID document to the camera and holding a recorded conversation with the Bank.

The pace of work at BBVA Switzerland has increased considerably in recent months and business is being conducted as normal. As Javier Rubio, Director of Client Solutions, says: “Opening an account in International Private Banking has never been as easy thanks to the technology we have at BBVA, which enables us to offer agile and efficient solutions to our customers.”

BBVA Switzerland is an independent bank belonging to the BBVA Group. Headquartered in Zurich, it specialises in International Private Banking services delivered by a team of professionals with extensive experience in wealth management and supported by a robust technology platform specialised in these services.