Increase In Cyber-Attacks Popularized The Cybersecurity Industry

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Cybersecurity, New technologies, Social Media / 13 June, 2022
Increase In Cyber-Attacks Popularized The Cybersecurity Industry

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

One of the topics that has given the most to talk about during 2022 is cybersecurity. After two years in which confinements, quarantines, increased unemployment rates and a boost in working from home were experienced, network security now becomes one of the protagonists of the year thanks to the increase that has been observed in cyber attacks, which increased 600% according to PurpleSec.

What is the reason for the increase in cyber attacks?

The renowned IBM highlights that one of the great causes is remote work. A combination of human error and low defenses in the equipment used for work can cause millions of losses to companies to sentimental damage to users.

In fact, Cyberint claims that 95% of network security breaches are a direct result of human error.

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

The flow of personal data generated by these new technologies may leave our privacy exposed, meaning the concept of cybersecurity is increasingly critical.

What are the most common forms among cybercriminals?

There are many ways to infect computers with malwares. One of the most common is through emails, so the first security rule is not to download or click on links that you do not absolutely trust.

Instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, among others, are also used to deceive users and send links that may put their personal information at risk.

Barriers from micro to macro

As users, numerous measures can be taken to avoid dealing with security breaches or cyber attacks. Some of them are protecting the information that is handled with secure passwords, taking care of the sites with which one interacts and using antivirus or antimalware programs that add an extra layer of security.

At a macro level, the cybersecurity industry has experienced a great boom in recent years, thanks to its immediate and effective response to cyber attacks that can compromise important information.

This industry is constantly evolving to keep up with clever cybercriminals and their latest deception tactics.

How can the user boost the big industry?

One of the many ways users can promote the industry of their choice is investment. Through it, the necessary funds for studies, programs, software development, among others, are guaranteed.

If your intention is to promote the cybersecurity industry, then your goal will be those companies that are setting the pace at a technological level, both at a business level and at a personal level.

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