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Investment geniuses, Julian Robertson / 10 January, 2022

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Julian Robertson is one of the most successful investment managers, born in 1932 and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1955. The hedge fund manager has a fortune that amounts to some 5 billion dollars and has achieved a return on his personal trading account of up to 150 percent.

The American worked as a stockbroker, then headed the asset management division of Webster Securities and in 1980 founded Tiger Management, one of the first hedge funds, with an initial capital of 8 million dollars made up of investments from friends and family.

Ray Dalio's biography: What is his investment style?

Ray Dalio's biography: What is his investment style?

If there is a man in this world who is not afraid of failure, it is Ray Dalio, investor, philanthropist, writer and manager of the world's largest hedge fund.

Also known as the wizard of Wall Street, he grew in fame for his magnificent vision for investing and mobilizing capital. In 1987, he foresaw the stock market crash and was able to trade his U.S. securities for foreign ones in a timely manner. He turned Tiger Management’s initial $8 million into more than $22 billion by the end of the 1990s.

The tycoon had the ability to find hidden numbers in financial statements and make the best investment decisions. In addition, Julian Robertson possessed a long-short strategy that focuses on investments in the best and worst companies in the world to take advantage of the gap between them to make a profit.

In 1993, Tiger’s profits exceeded $300 million; however, by 2000, Robertson closed his fund and stayed in business by supporting about 38 emerging hedge fund managers, known as the Tiger Cubs. Notable members of this group include the likes of John Griffin of Blue Ridge Capital, Chase Coleman of Tiger Global Management, Ole Andreas Halvorsen of Viking Global and Steve Mandel of Lone Pine Capital.

In this way, Robertson continues to invest in funds of companies created by people who were part of his training or former employees of his company. At the end of 2020, about 50% of his investments were in the technology sector, with the largest investments in Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and

It is worth noting that among the investor’s interests are philanthropic ventures that focus on higher education and medical research, the same to which he has donated $1.3 billion over the past few years.

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