How can space technology improve the performance of autonomous cars?

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Mobility, Self-driving vehicles, Travel technology / 13 July, 2022
How can space technology improve the performance of autonomous cars?

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Autonomous cars have been a controversial topic around the world for years. Its results have been successful in many aspects, but they have also had serious consequences, such as traffic accidents, which have generated considerable losses for the automotive industry and, therefore, ways to improve the performance of these cars of the future continue to be investigated.

Although this technology does not have 100% public acceptance, one of its main benefits is the reduction of one of the main causes of death worldwide: traffic accidents.

Benefits of investing in autonomous vehicles for businesses

Benefits of investing in autonomous vehicles for businesses

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Autonomous cars and traffic accidents

According to figures published by the World Health Organization, around 1.3 million people die annually due to traffic accidents.

One of the great benefits that the use of autonomous cars would bring is the reduction of this number considerably and the reason is that, as it is a technology that will be tested against all possible scenarios, it will not violate the driving regulations that, generally, cause traffic accidents.

Among other benefits, there is also a reduction in traffic in large cities, streamlining of roads and a reduction in the environmental impact generated by cars throughout the world.

How can autonomous cars improve?

One of the most important aspects of autonomous cars are the maps they work with. These maps must always be up to date and presented in a language that allows the machine to use the necessary information at the given moment.

That is why two industries come together for this common purpose: space technology and the autonomous car industry.

Satellite maps may be the key to the expected performance of self-driving cars, and for this, the use of satellites in space has become the next big step in this industry.

It is important to note that the space industry and its technology have hundreds of uses that can improve the results of many industries in multiple areas, such as the environmental impact and constant monitoring of climate change around the globe in order to forecast or take action against possible catastrophic events.

However, the use of satellites in the autonomous car industry can be that key step that gives the user greater security and increases the productivity of each car, since it not only focuses on large highways or main streets, but also It provides artificial intelligence with other possible faster, more efficient or even safer routes.

The cars of the future are here to stay

Finding driverless cars on the road will become much more common than expected. Highlighting its benefits, it can be seen that this technology can generate a positive impact at a social and environmental level, which is why much more will be heard from those who manufacture this type of machine.

With this panorama of constant and sustained evolution, investors from all over the world seek financial relationships with the industry that, although it has presented setbacks, projects a promising future.

How to invest in Self-driving vehicles?

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