Healthy Living: New Habits for Post-Pandemic Health

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Anti-aging medicine, Healthy life, Nutrition, Vegetarianism / 11 May, 2022
Healthy Living: New Habits for Post-Pandemic Health

Karla García Gil Journalist

Following the restrictions resulting from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, people are resuming or acquiring healthy habits for their physical and mental well-being, primarily as a means of strengthening their immune system, followed by regaining their pre-confinement health status.

Undoubtedly, the eve of the end of the contingency has accelerated the adoption of self-care habits ranging from the most everyday to the most complex.

6 habits for a healthy life after Covid-19

6 habits for a healthy life after Covid-19

Creating healthy habits is always a challenge under normal circumstances; in this exceptional situation, after Covid-19, we must make an extra effort to improve our nutrition, take care of our mood, and channel our fears. That is why we have listed 6 habits for a healthy life after Covid-19.

1. Vegetarianism and veganism

Consumers are now more conscious of the food they eat and seek to recover some of the physical balance they have lost due to sedentary lifestyles, so we could see an increase in meat-free brands on the market, causing this trend to become a lifestyle for many people.

In vegetarianism, meat products are eliminated from the diet; however, it allows some animal products, such as eggs, milk, cheese or honey, depending on the type of vegetarianism practiced.

In the case of veganism, it is adopted more as a philosophy of life than as a simple diet, in which the aim is the eradication of animal suffering and exploitation. It consists of the suppression of the consumption of foods and products of animal origin, their derivatives and those that have been tested on them. There are companies today that provide vegans with a wide range of products made from natural ingredients and which can satisfy their needs without renouncing practically any culinary delight.

2. Wellness and beauty

Many consumers, especially women, are opting for natural and organic products, in addition to those that are environmentally and animal-friendly. From vegan makeup brands, packaging-free solid shampoos, food supplements of all kinds, natural toothpastes and all kinds of cruelty-free products.

Collagen has been one of the most acclaimed beauty and anti-aging products and sales of supplements based on this ingredient skyrocketed 94% as consumers embraced the trend “from within.” As for products made with hyaluronic acid, another important skin-preserving ingredient, 29% of U.S. customers sought to purchase it.

3. Sports and exercise

With the reestablishment of the green light in many parts of the world, outdoor sports have resumed, such as marathons, races of all kinds, endurance, cycling events, among many others, causing many people to resume old lost habits or even acquire new ones.

Another example is the recent trend of doing sports with the help of Virtual Reality visors or helmets, which allows changing scenarios and even having virtual coaches or practice partners.

It should be noted that sporting events have also resumed, although some still without public, held in indoor and outdoor venues such as wrestling, boxing, soccer and tennis, which serves as inspiration for many spectators.

Sports are not only about physical fitness, but also about mental and spiritual health, which is reflected in practices such as yoga or some martial arts, also linked to mindfulness.

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