Google as an ally of the great moments of life

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Digitalisation, E-commerce, Social Media / 10 May, 2022
Google as an ally of the great moments of life

Karla García Gil Journalist

Without a doubt, all of us go through great moments in life. Today, thanks to technology, it is possible to have access to a wide range of options and, consequently, make better decisions, which leads to a better experience.

One of the search engines that has been of great help when making the most important decisions in our lives is Google, which we can ask practically everything and provides us with everything from advice, options, to literally solving our problems.

Among the most frequently performed searches are the following:

Advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce | BBVA Switzerland

Advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce | BBVA Switzerland

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1.Education: There has been an increase in searches for higher education, as people see it as a way to invest in themselves and their future. For example, searches for “online college admission forms” have grown year-over-year by more than 100% worldwide.

Another interest revealed by search data is alternative forms of education. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, global e-learning will reach $325 billion by 2025 and raise $10.8 billion in revenue for producers of such knowledge.

2.How to invest: Searches on how to invest have grown by more than 60% year over year and particularly in the context of the pandemic, as many people took to Google to find out what they could do with their wealth, in a context plagued by restrictions. Ideas ranged from remodeling their home, to owning a pet, to acquiring real estate.

3.Real estate: Residential real estate is a strong trend and the acquisition of one, constitutes one of the most important moments in our lives. Although it is certainly a process that can be daunting, as “mortgage calculators” grow year after year by more than 200 percent.

There are also other types of searches more focused on the final part of the process; for example: moving, decoration, pets, furnishing, cleaning supplies, among others. This reflects an expansion that goes beyond the industry itself and incorporates other areas that consumers need, since decision making does not end at the moment of purchase, but that is only the beginning.

4.Car buying: Searches reflect that people have all kinds of concerns about buying a car, from “used cars”, “car prices”, “cheapest cars”. Car searches have grown by more than 70% worldwide, a trend promoted in large part by the pandemic.

The phrase “cars to buy” is growing in the search engine by more than 400% year over year. However, due to the chip and semiconductor crisis, it is time for other types of vehicles to be explored.

In this sense, the search for “electric vehicle charging” has grown worldwide by more than 100%, hand in hand with a global need for sustainability.

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