Forestry as a path to environmental recovery

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Climate change, Forestry / 28 September, 2022
Forestry as a path to environmental recovery

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Years of logging, mining and other industrial activities have left countless areas of land littered with mining waste, slag heaps and devastated landscapes. Although these places present clear dangers and risks to communities, they can be converted into functional and beautiful landscapes.

The way to recover these spaces is through the use of forestry, a process that specializes in cultivating and forming forests as an option to reduce the environmental impact and reuse these spaces.

In a world where around 2,400 trees are cut down every minute, giving the earth its necessary filters is presented as a necessity.

How to invest in the forestry industry and its benefits

How to invest in the forestry industry and its benefits

Sustainability is in vogue and is a pressing need, which is why investments in sectors such as forestry stand out and remain solid even in times of financial crisis.

Why is forestry necessary?

Forests are valuable and appreciated because they provide a number of benefits. While many people appreciate the aesthetic and recreational values ​​that forests create, many others value them for their potential to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Forestry is necessary due to the extensive damage they have suffered to what is known as the lungs of the earth. In fact, the land is covered by an estimated 31% forest, of which only 18% is protected.

It is estimated that, since 1990, 420 million hectares have been lost, which has generated an increase in the speed at which the consequences of the environmental impact generated by society are reflected.

These consequences can range from extreme temperatures to natural disasters.

Consequences of global deforestation

Years of studies have determined that the consequences of deforestation can be observed from two angles. The main and best known is the absorption of carbon dioxide and the emission of oxygen. This process is vital for the earth and for human beings since the constant contact with high levels of carbon dioxide can generate serious consequences for health.

The second aspect that makes forests vital to the earth is albedo. Albedo is defined as “the level of radiation reflected by a surface compared to the total radiation it receives” and forests have an albedo of around 8%, so they contribute positively to reducing the impact of sunlight on the planet.

These two angles reflect the importance of forests for the planet, and yet they continue to be disproportionately destroyed.

It is in this phase that forestry plays an important role, that of rebuilding.

Investing in reconstruction is possible

A powerful way for investors or people interested in promoting this branch is through investment in this industry.

Investing in forestry is then one more way of investing in forests, in recovery and in reducing environmental impact. It is about investing in the future of the planet.

How to invest in Forestry?

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