Follow up with the market news online

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BBVA in Switzerland, Investment, Market news / 10 August, 2020
Follow up with the market news online


Professional management of your investments

Professional management of your investments

What is discretional mandate? Discretional mandate is an investment service characteristic of Private Banking, by which the clients delegate all or part of their assets to a team of professionals. This team then manages their assets within a certain framework of action and with a specific of risk and investment objective.

Current and accurate information is more necessary than ever, especially when it refers to our wealth.

So we made a commitment to our clients to designing a new section on our website with the best real-time financial information to help them make the best financial decisions.

The new Markets section is accessible from the homepage of With a single click, you can access a complete panel of shares, stock indices, currencies and major market movements.

New reality demands new financial solutions

In post-pandemic times, our activity develops normally, and we continue to work to provide our clients with the best digital tools. According to Javier Rubio, head of Client Solutions, “our clients not only have access to the most complete information, but also can now monitor what happens in the markets and make the best decisions.”

The new Markets section responds to the demand for financial information from our clients.

Adding to the current information offer on our website, where you find the best articles on economic analysis and current affairs, this new interactive section responds to our clients’ need for one-click access to all market information, anywhere.

What are the advantages of the new Markets section?

Here are the top 5 benefits of this new section, where you can find:

1. Get the quotes of the main stock indices and currencies in real time

2. Check which shares are performing better and worse in the session, in each of the main world markets

3. Access information records with details on stock indices, shares and ETFs

4. Find the prices of shares and ETFs listed in Europe and the US, either through the listings or the search engine in the upper right-hand corner

5. Read our Weekly Keys put together by our experts, accompanied by the economic calendar for the next few days, so that no important event is missed

We work every day to improve our website and offer the best digital and financial solutions to our clients.


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