Five top tech predictions for 2023

Five top tech predictions for 2023

Belén Villar Client Solutions

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”.


Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke asserted that “any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”. There is much truth in that, although there are so many options available in the market that the biggest challenge comes in identifying which technologies have the greatest potential to be developed and how we can best gain exposure to them so magic can be performed. 

At BBVA New Gen we have some ideas about which technologies could make a decisive impact in the coming months. In our investment catalog you will find the most profitable stocks, funds and ETFs:

🔒 Cybersecurity:

According to a Morgan Stanley survey, cybersecurity spending by companies could grow faster than other software categories, and definitely its nature makes it less susceptible to potential cutbacks even in times of crisis. The growing cybercrime threat is driving an investment opportunity in companies that provide cybersecurity services. 

🍎 Foodtech:

Innovation in nutrition, food production and governance is set to provide an answer to some of the major crises faced by humanity, such as hunger or the loss of natural resources. Moreover, this megatrend is linked to a global movement related to food and health awareness. I would keep an eye on it!

🌿 Cleantech:

Energy companies have always had a strong relevance in the stock market story, and cleantech innovation will certainly make a statement in 2023. From more efficient energy vectors to new fuels as well as circular economy, there are many areas of action. This is one of the main axes of the energy transformation that our planet is undergoing and is changing at a dizzying pace.

🧠 Deeptech: 

The ‘deep tech’ includes those scientific and technological innovations that seek to improve the world we live in with all kinds of solutions (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning, among others). Investments in this area sometimes face a long road to liquidity, but their low valuations open the door to significant returns.

🤳 Social commerce and superapps:

2023 will also witness a boom in superapps, those end-to-end platforms that combine different functions, such as messaging, commerce and payment services, all within the same app designed to create a personalized experience for the final user. With the momentum that Web3 or the metaverse is picking up, social commerce can be seen as that transition point we are actually going through. Global sales are expected to reach 2 trillion dollars by 2026. Shopping for products on social platforms will be made easier by platforms that offer more immersive experiences.