Figures that reflect changes in longevity in the world

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Anti-aging medicine, Healthy life / 11 May, 2022
Figures that reflect changes in longevity in the world

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The life expectancy of several countries has suffered a decline in recent years. Despite this decrease in the average lifespan of people, since 2010, it has been over 70 years as a global average. This figure is a considerable improvement over the life expectancy for 1990, which was 64.6 years.

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Investing in biotechnology and health is an important decision, given that during the pandemic generated by COVID-19 these sectors have remained stable and have shown growth before, during and it is expected that after the times of coronavirus.

What could have generated an increase in longevity in the world?

There are numerous reasons why people are currently living longer. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

Technological advances:

Technology continues to evolve and has become an important ally in health care and the natural aging process. Multiple devices have been designed to improve the monitoring of the elderly, in order to offer a better response that, in turn, can translate into a longer life expectancy for older adults.

Health care: 

Multiple studies of scientific branches have led to a deeper understanding of how to treat certain diseases that previously could considerably shorten the aging process of a person. This has allowed health personnel to offer better treatments and solutions to the elderly.

Accessible information: 

The possibility of having a greater amount of information regarding health through platforms at your fingertips such as smartphones, tablets, computers, applications, among others, has a significant impact on the aging process since it allows you to be more informed on the changes necessary to increase the life expectancy of a person

Genetics and environmental factors:

These two aspects have a high impact on people’s life expectancy. The first is determined by the family line and the second depends on the country where you are. For this reason, countries have different life expectancies, with Spain being one of the highest.


Spain: a high life expectancy compared to the world.

The European country is one of those with a greater longevity among its inhabitants. Recent figures place life expectancy in Spain at 82.33 years, which is a significant variation compared to the world average. The aforementioned aspects play an important role that are also complemented by different habits such as the Mediterranean diet that leads to fewer obesity problems.


Why invest in longevity?

It is a fact that people are living longer now than in previous years, which presents a challenge for all countries in terms of guaranteeing services that are adjusted to this new segment. That is why there is currently an increase in services, technological advances or improvements in health care aimed at the elderly.

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, the population over 60 years of age will double compared to 2015, making longevity a trend of interest for investors from all over the world.




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