Ethereum, now part of our cryptoasset service

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Bitcoin, Crypto, Ethereum, New Gen, Private banking / 13 December, 2021
Ethereum, now part of our cryptoasset service

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Ether is already part of our cryptoasset custody and trading service together with bitcoin. It completes BBVA Switzerland’s pioneering investment portfolio and consolidates our position in the European market, becoming the first traditional bank to invest in digital assets.

Both private banking customers of BBVA Switzerland and digital customers with a New Gen account will be able to operate with these digital assets as they do with the rest of traditional investments from the BBVA app. They can also convert to euros, US dollars or any fiat currency automatically. This new digital asset custody service has been well received by our customers, who are exponentially seeking to diversify their portfolios.

The Ethereum Network was born with a clear vision of how the Internet should be. Today it is one of the most widely used platforms for the generation of smart contracts. It offers four main advantages:

    1. It provides a global access platform on which complex smart contracts can be executed. It totally removes the need for intermediaries to execute transactions.
    2. It boasts a robust developer ecosystem that allows the platform to become even stronger, with recurrent updates, and a good roadmap planning for the future of the network.
    3. It allows to create new interesting use cases on intellectual property, digital identity, or new ways to exchange goods and services, among others.
    4. It receives the most institutional investment from venture capitalists, and it allows to issue new tokens to raise capital and facilitate transactions in the network. As of today, it counts with the largest amount of issued tokens that, at the same time, are exchanged daily inside the network.

We aim to continue expanding our digital asset portfolio and remain a benchmark institution in the adoption of blockchain technology, enabling customers to invest in this new digital space with the utmost security guarantees in the market.

If you wish to join us and start investing, you can contact us on +41 (0) 44 265 95 11, or fill in the form below: to sign up for a New Gen digital account or apply for a Private Banking account.

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