Private banking, a financial advice with high personalization

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BBVA in Switzerland, Managed at home / 4 December, 2020
Private banking, a financial advice with high personalization

Selena Bellosta Benedetto Relationship Manager

The term ‘Private Banking’ arises to distinguish the service that the first bankers provided to the sovereigns, in this way it was possible to differentiate the part of the personal patrimony as individual and to distinguish it from the public patrimony that they managed.

Although this service has evolved in the last centuries, there are certain characteristics that still remain. For example, it is very common for Private Banking to have relationships with different members of a family over several generations.

These links are what allow bankers to know the financial concerns of their clients to work together for a better financial projection and go beyond offering services in different geographies. Always following the distinctive note that it maintains of its origins as they are: the extreme privacy and exclusivity of the management of great patrimonies. For this reason it is the least known segment within the Banking industry.

Private banking, a financial advice with high personalization

Today, Private Banking offers highly personalized and professional wealth advice. Each client is advised by a highly qualified team composed of financial advisors and a private banker, in addition to a strong interpersonal and trust relationship. Together they define the strategy for the integral management of the wealth.

The clients who contact us to access the Private Banking service are individual or legal clients, with high assets and incomes who want personalized financial advice to protect or improve their wealth in the long term.

The characteristics of Private Banking are:

– Wealth Management
– Traditional values
– Personalized treatment
– Exclusive products and open architecture
– Preferential and continuous attention on the evolution of investments
– Latest generation systems.
– Transparency in advice.