e-Banking: The customer experience

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BBVA Group, BBVA in Switzerland / 30 October, 2017

Last Friday, the Business Development team presented to the entire Bank the Digital Projects Agenda that it is developing in co-ordination with other teams taking part in the transformation at BBVA in Switzerland. Their ongoing projects include nine innovative proposals that are going to enable us to improve the experience we offer our clients by incorporating the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. The session began with a few words from Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA in Switzerland, where he indicated that this stage of deeply penetrating transformation in the banking sector stemming from the technology revolution it is experiencing should be met with courage and a positive attitude. “Today, BBVA is readier than ever to successfully overcome this period and its digital transformation is a benchmark in banking all over the world.” Alfonso also gave the keys to achieving personal success in an environment of digital disruption, such as including digital DNA into our way of working, leaving our comfort zone created by the experience of the “legacy mindset” years and evolving towards a new mindset in which digital media will be of enormous help in our everyday activities. The session continued with an interactive section in which all the employees connected up with their mobile phones, answering several questions about the current status of digitisation and where they were able to discuss BBVA’s commitment to said process. The conclusion was clear: We are on the right road, enabling our clients to participate in the opportunities this new era affords. As part of the BBVA Group, we are committed to offering our clients the best opportunities and our digital platforms are part of such. Taking advantage of the occasion, Business Development also presented to all the employees the new e-banking platform which has been operative since 16 October and which is accessible via www.bbva.ch; the Business Development team encouraged everyone to collaborate in this project by sending continuous feedback to undertake gradual improvements. In the words of Javier Rubio, Business Development Director:
The transformation towards a modern, agile and dynamic bank is underway. BBVA in Switzerland focuses on its clients as the core of all its decisions, thinking big to surprise them and working as a team to be stronger.