Discover BBVA’s digital ambassadors in Switzerland

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BBVA in Switzerland / 27 May, 2019
Discover BBVA’s digital ambassadors in Switzerland

Thaís Lino Cardoso Business Development

What's the minimum amount to open an account in a private bank in Switzerland?

What's the minimum amount to open an account in a private bank in Switzerland?

Opening a bank account in Switzerland is a simple procedure. Not only complies with every international legislation but also offers excellent advantages by diversifying your savings in a neutral and stable country with a triple-A (AAA) rating. 

The digital transformation of an organization is a change that not only involves making processes more innovative but largely entails a change in organizational culture and in the mindset of the employees who are committed to assuming a new role: the digital ambassadors being examples to the outside world of this transformation.

The digital transformation process of BBVA in Switzerland continues to advance at a good pace.

This time, we have created the BBVA Switzerland Digital Ambassadors: a group of technically-trained collaborators to support and advise internal and external clients in all matters related to the digital solutions of BBVA Switzerland’s private banking.

The objective is very clear: to ensure that all investment advisers who are in direct contact with clients every day dominate all the solutions related to digital banking and mobile banking. Consequently, any questions clients have can be solved much more quickly and efficiently, and therefore we deliver a much better client experience.

In the project, which has already been implemented in other BBVA Group subsidiaries with excellent results, participate investment advisors that support all the geographies within the scope of BBVA Switzerland: from Europe, through Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Central America, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela, until Turkey.

After being trained about all the digital tools that are currently available, the BBVA Switzerland Digital Ambassadors are technically capable of promoting and assisting clients and other collaborators in the event of any e-Banking questions or incidents, as well as being ambassadors of the new tools and other issues related to digital solutions.

Over the last years, the BBVA Switzerland digital platform has undergone a major transformation to be able to offer our clients first-class services.

We have developed innovative and pioneering digital solutions in Switzerland, such as digitally signing documents, digital modules for investment proposals and corporate events, secure access through the Access Key, as well as developing new, more interactive customer-friendly mobile banking, with a complete platform of digital documents, secure mail, alerts and notifications on the customer’s interests, and much more.

Finally, we have redesigned the website, much more interactive and informative, with an innovative design that offers the best news and the most powerful digital solutions on the market.