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Derek White: What does the future of banking look like?

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BBVA Group, Fintech / 1 June, 2017

Mr. Derek White, BBVA Global Head of Customer Solutions, recently published an article about the future of the banking industry and the impact of technology for adding value to our customers. Most of our customers worldwide tell us that their biggest concern is money and the way they manage it in order to achieve a proper retirement, pay the school fees or just to cover their bills. Mr. White believes these common problems might find a solution with new technologies available in the market. A mixed of technologies like: voice recognition, block-chain, smart data management, artificial intelligence, among others, will create a new banking model for customers and clients, because it "will add value either financially, time-wise or through peace of mind". His vision clearly contemplates the possibility of having remote "digital financial advisors", with capabilities of learning things via data analytics, anticipating client needs or even propose alternatives for managing actively their finances. He also confirms that BBVA is already working on "giving our customers the power of BBVA’s financial knowledge and technological tools to help them better manage their finances" through financial innovation. Original article