Cybersecurity: Invest in companies looking to increase online security

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Cybersecurity, Digitalisation / 16 February, 2022
Cybersecurity: Invest in companies looking to increase online security

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Cybersecurity continues to be one of the great challenges that affects companies in all industries. The monetary losses generated by a data breach have increased considerably since 2021, a year that saw an increase in their average cost, increasing from 3.86 million dollars to 4.24 million, according to We Live Security reports, resulting in security in the internet becoming a priority issue.

The foregoing has considerably increased the interest in investing in companies that work to increase computer security, also known as cybersecurity and, therefore, BBVA New Gen has a wide range of options related to cybersecurity with good projections to offer to their investors.

Among them, Palo Alto Networks, CrowdStrike and BAE Systems stand out, three companies that seek to fight in the virtual field with constant technological advances that adjust to the requirements of companies and a rapid response capacity against possible attacks.

Artificial intelligence helps cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence helps cybersecurity

Cyber ​​security is booming. The use of tools to improve the security levels of companies and users continues to evolve with the use of artificial intelligence to protect, prevent and respond to cyber attacks

One of the biggest cyber risks: telecommuting

Although the promotion of teleworking has brought benefits for the employee and the employer, this modality represents a high risk factor for companies, as they have uncontrolled environments that can generate data leaks or put their cyber security at high risk. cost.

IBM reports that one of the most used attack vectors is the theft of user credentials, which represented 20% of the attacks that were carried out during 2021.

Increased budget dedicated to cybersecurity

Another trend that brought this wave of increased cyber attacks is the decision of many companies to increase the budget allocated to areas related to information security. In fact, an Accenture report reflects that 82% of the companies analyzed made this decision, placing cybersecurity as one of the protagonists of the healthy operation of any company.

And it is a wise decision since, according to reports from the FBI Internet Crime Center, during 2019 1,200 complaints were received per day and for the following year this number increased to 2,000 per day.

This figure is limited only to the United States, which gives an example of the magnitude of the cyber security problem at a global level.

The considerable increase in cyber attacks continues to drive the cybersecurity industry that is looking for new ways to deal with this type of crime and is constantly evolving to stop data breaches before they become a big problem and a great cost. .

If you as an investor are looking for ways to support those who are facing a constant threat, investing in cybersecurity companies is a wise decision that, thanks to their growing importance, continues to generate positive projections for the investor.

A good defense barrier can make a difference for companies and your participation as an investor is vital for the development of tools that strengthen this barrier against Internet criminals.

How to invest in Cybersecurity?

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