Cybersecurity: a growing industry

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Cybersecurity / 10 May, 2021

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

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The cost of cybercrime increases not only on a monetary level and the cybersecurity industry duplicates efforts to keep the privacy of users safe. Therefore, it is an industry with greater investment opportunities and technological advancement.

The online discussion about cybersecurity has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the rise of cybercrime groups whose numbers can be overwhelming.

For example, in the case of the United States, a study conducted at the University of Maryland revealed that cyber attacks are recorded every 39 seconds. In addition, other studies reveal that it takes around 6 months to detect a cybersecurity flaw in companies. This includes both small businesses and startups as well as large corporations.

However, it is not just the frequency of these crimes that highlights the importance of cybersecurity at all levels.

Cybersecurity: a megatrend with great growth potential.

Cybersecurity: a megatrend with great growth potential.

Cybersecurity is an important issue of our time. For investors, it can represent an excellent long-term investment opportunity, as it is one of the mega-trends with the greatest growth potential in an increasingly digital environment.

The cost of cybercrime

Cyber ​​crimes generate millions in losses every year to companies. Cybercrime Magazine explains that an increase of 15% per year is estimated and this type of crime becomes one of the most lucrative in the world, surpassing the illicit drug business.

Its consequences are not just losses of money. The impact that a data breach generates in companies can also be observed at an investment level.

Regarding this, Comparitech explains that most companies register a drop in the cost of their shares of an average of 7.27%.

These are some of the consequences of cybercrime that increase the importance of cybersecurity and give way to a boom in this industry trying to keep up with cybercriminals.

The internet of things, an accelerator of cybercrime

It is important to mention how the popular internet of things or IoT opens the way to an increase in this type of crime. CyberSecurity Ventures predicts that 338 billion lines of code will be created by 2025.

The Cisco company also estimates that, by that same year, there will be 75 billion interconnected IoT devices, which represents a playground for hackers and increases the importance of cybersecurity companies.

Cybersecurity as the first line of defense

Faced with the costs and consequences that these attacks have on companies, cybersecurity companies present themselves as the first line of defense in a world that seeks to digitize and interconnect every day.

That is why interest in the growth of this industry will continue to grow. Every day, more and more companies decide to invest in cybersecurity as a way to protect themselves and their customers.

In the same way, it has become an attractive option for investors who seek to bet on security and technological advance in this eternal cyber battle against cybercriminals.

With the aforementioned estimates, we can affirm that the cybersecurity industry will continue to develop and present itself as a necessity for all those companies or enterprises and ways to protect the privacy of users on the Internet will continue to emerge, which can become a critical issue in the population that has already been a victim of these cybercrimes.


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