Cryptocurrencies: Ranking of cryptocurrency users and cashiers in the world

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Blockchain, Crypto / 3 March, 2022
Cryptocurrencies: Ranking of cryptocurrency users and cashiers in the world

Karla García Gil Journalist

More and more investors are attracted by the advantages offered by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies compared to conventional money, since they allow immediate transactions in a secure and irreversible way, which protects traders against losses due to fraud, but also protects customers, whose personal data is protected.

The United States is the country with the most ATMs installed, with 31,173 units, followed by Canada with 2,275, El Salvador with 205, Spain with 200, Poland with 144 and Switzerland with 143, Austria with 142, Hong Kong with 139, Romania with 118 and the United Kingdom with 106.

On the other hand, investment in cryptocurrencies is popular mainly in India, where last year, 18% of respondents claimed to own bitcoins or altcoins, i.e. any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. The above means that, compared to the survey conducted during 2019, the proportion increased by eleven percentage points, according to data reported by Statista.

Cryptocurrencies: benefits and risks of virtual currencies

Cryptocurrencies: benefits and risks of virtual currencies

2017 has been the year of cryptocurrencies: More than 300 new virtual currencies have been created. Bringing their total to over 900. In other words, the number of virtual currencies in the world more than triples the number of conventional, state-issued currencies, which according to the UN currently stand at 180.

Currencies based on blockchain technology have also experienced an upturn in markets such as South Korea, the United States or Germany. In Spain, 14% of respondents said they will use cryptocurrencies during 2021, up from 10% in 2019. Meanwhile, in Brazil (16%) and Mexico (11%), the percentages remain stable.

Latin America is a region with great areas of opportunity for the future, in terms of Bitcoin promotion and investment, as it still has few ATMs and the use of cryptocurrencies has not been fully adopted.

There are currently around 36,600 cryptocurrency ATMs installed worldwide. North America ranks as the region with the most installed cryptocurrency ATMs, with a 95.1% total market share, according to data from Coin ATM Radar.

Cryptoassets in Switzerland

The distribution of the number of installed cryptocurrencies in Switzerland at the end of 2020 was led by: Zurich (21), Basel and Geneva (11), Lausanne and Lugano (9).

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that, in Switzerland, various measures are being taken to potentiate and boost the use of cryptocurrencies. One example is BBVA Switzerland‘s cryptoasset service, which began operating for all customers in mid-2021, and took a giant step forward with the incorporation of Ether into the investment portfolio. In this way, customers can manage both bitcoins and this cryptocurrency.

How to invest in Blockchain?

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