Creating Opportunities with the BBVA Microfinance Foundation

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BBVA Group / 17 July, 2018


For over ten years the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (BBVAMF) has been committed to the sustainable and inclusive economic and social development of low-income entrepreneurs. Its activities are focused on Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama and the Dominican Republic. Through its mission, this foundation is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included in the 2030 United Nations Agenda, and its activity has a particular impact on eight of them. For over ten years the Foundation has created opportunities to support over five million vulnerable people in Latin America, disbursing a total of over 10.8 billion dollars in loans. It has thus become one of the philanthropic institutions with the greatest social impact in the region.

It works in partnership with important development organisations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank, CAF (Latin American Development Bank) and the United Nations, which in 2016 granted it advisory status due to its contribution to development through microfinance. It also has its own system of social measuring, which, like its Productive Finance methodology, has now become an industry reference. This is all recognised in the report entitled Companies and United Nations prepared by the Harvard Kennedy School for the UN. In addition, the BBVAMF also dedicates special attention to Latin American women who become entrepreneurs despite their economic and social vulnerabilities. It works in partnership with UN Women, and provides women entrepreneurs with access to financial products and services, thus promoting their economic empowerment. This commitment of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation has a human face: that of Delia, Pedro, Jimena, Daniel... and another 2 million people it currently serves, and with whom it celebrates its work. The Foundation's dedication to these entrepreneurs can be seen in their communities. People who work and who now have a better outlook for their development, their business, and their region. Learn more about all these life stories and the value that they are building in their communities with the support of the Foundation. Visit its website: