COVID-19: How to spend time at home in the best way possible

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Coronavirus, Healthy Life / 24 April, 2020
COVID-19: How to spend time at home in the best way possible


Preventive actions are proving to be key in stopping the spread of Covid-19. In particular, staying home and teleworking wherever possible are measures that have been taken in many countries. We know this is positive and necessary at the health level, but it can be difficult for many people and lead to situations of anxiety, anguish, sadness, etc., which is why consultations (online) with psychologists have boomed in this current situation.

It is therefore why we are providing you with some recommendations from experts so you can cope better with these days of quarantine at home.

Avoid information overload

One of the main triggers of anxiety is information overload. Ration the news you receive. Update yourself once a day or twice at most (at times you have decided in advance), and create spaces where you can disconnect without a mobile during the day. Choose truthful sources, make sure that the information comes from official and verified institutions and don’t spread hoaxes since they could cause anguish to other people. Spend the rest of the day on other activities that have nothing to do with the subject.

It will pass

We are in an exceptional situation, but one that is temporary. There are many consequences of this crisis, but at one time or another, our routines will return to normal. It is important to focus on this idea.

Create new routines

Just as before confinement, your life followed routines throughout the day and those routines created stability. We now have to continue along the same lines. Set yourself daily goals you can achieve. Take care of your diet and sleep, as you did before the quarantine. Draw a dividing line between weekdays and weekends: schedule different activities on the weekend that suggest something extra: improvise a special meal, watch a play or virtual concert, etc.

Pay attention to your body

There are many things that can be done from home to stay physically active: walking up and downstairs, crunching abs or doing other exercises, yoga, pilates, etc. If you have equipment at home or a machine (treadmill, an elliptical or another exercise bicycle, etc.) make use of them now that you can. And remember that many online platforms offer exercise sessions for you to do at home.

Exercise not only helps you stay in shape; it also releases endorphins that make you feel better and make it easier for you to relax.

Look after your brain too

Be aware of the difficulties posed by these days, but take care of your brain: free it from doom-laden or irrational thoughts. Create cooperative and altruistic values. Understand confinement not as an order that deprives us of freedom but as collective action; and that thanks to this personal sacrifice, we are doing good to others and to society in general. Although it is tough, staying home saves lives.

If you work from home …

Ideally, find a quiet space, specifically intended for work and well equipped, with a comfortable desk and chair that allows you to spend many hours in maximum comfort, with good lighting in the work area. You must try to sit with your legs bent at 90º, feet well supported on the floor and back straight. Place the screen 30 cm from your head, and at eye level. Every half an hour look away from the screen at the horizon or as far as you can to relax.

Of course, you must try not to stay facing the screen all day. It is important to take regular breaks (at least every two hours), get up and move around as you would at your workplace.

Work is not everything…

The day is very long and now that you don’t go in and out of the home, as usual, you must also look for things to do that are unrelated to work. Inactivity generates negative emotions and increases your frustration. Try to find activities that take up your time, whether alone, with your partner or with the family, and that increase your feeling of well-being. What have you always wanted to do, but have never been able to find the time for?

Limit the time you spend with technology and spend it on new things that are meaningful to you.