Corporate e-bikes, the new initiative by BBVA in Switzerland to promote sustainable mobility

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BBVA in Switzerland, E-mobility / 6 October, 2020
Corporate e-bikes, the new initiative by BBVA in Switzerland to promote sustainable mobility


Summer is already here and the BBVA team in Switzerland is keen to promote sustainable mobility. Now that we are starting to get back to normal, the Bank has presented its fleet of corporate e-bikes for use by all employees of the BBVA office in Zurich.

BBVA and Urban Connect united in favour of sustainable mobility

The initiative is the result of a collaboration agreement with Urban Connect, a leading company in corporate mobility in Switzerland whose purpose is to promote sustainable mobility in partnership with companies, key actors in urban mobility when it comes to how their employees commute to work. Urban Connect has commercial agreements with major companies in Switzerland, including Roche, Zúrich, Hilti and Google, all of which are promoting their own corporate solutions for sustainable mobility.

Advantages of using corporate e-bikes

Corporate e-bikes help to reduce public transport congestion and improve urban traffic. They also save on commuting times because they can reach speeds similar to that of a moped and use special bike lanes.

The initiative not only enables BBVA Switzerland to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees but to actively contribute to reducing its environmental impact and CO2 emissions. Throughout its useful life, an e-bike generates 92% fewer emissions than a private car.

Data and technology: how the e-bikes work

The e-bikes are available in the car park of the BBVA office in the centre of Zurich. To book an e-bike, employees simply download a mobile app, register and unlock the padlock with Bluetooth technology to activate the bike.

The bikes are connected by GPS to a cloud e-bike management platform that indicates the location of each bike and the state of the battery, monitors the need for checks and maintenance, provides usage data and measures with the CO2 savings in real-time.

Employees can use e-bikes to commute to work, attend meetings outside the office or take a quick ride through the city centre.