Contributions of technology for veterinary medicine

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Pets / 4 December, 2021
Contributions of technology for veterinary medicine

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Over the years, advances in technology have been applied in different areas, transforming how things are done for the better. That is why technology has become one of the favorite trends for investors, since it contributes to the development, improvement and advancement of almost everything with which human beings interact.

However, investing in technology may sound a bit broad and therefore the best decision to make is to choose an area that you want to promote with technological development.

An industry that continues to evolve thanks to growing demand is the pet industry and everything that involves caring for them. Technology has facilitated and improved care in many respects, one of the largest being veterinary medicine.

More specifically, technological advances have driven all areas. Among them, we can highlight the following:

1. Image capture and labs

The use of examinations such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and others has been available to pets for some time. However, technological advances have allowed these examinations in larger species and with greater accuracy, thus allowing them to detect problems or carry out studies based on the data received from these types of examinations. One of the leading companies in this market is Heska Corporation, who specialize in animal diagnosis and treatment.

2. Biotechnology

The use of biotechnology has increased for both humans and pets, studying diseases such as cancer and its development in animals which can, in turn, mean important advances in its treatment in adults. However, its main purpose is to improve the quality of life of companion animals. An example of this branch is Zoetis, a company with more than 65 years of dedication to animal care innovation.

3. Communication

Regarding the branch of communication, this is the one that has had the greatest impact on veterinary medicine by facilitating the connection between the owner and the veterinarian. In this way, problems that may arise can be dealt with in a timely manner, minimizing possible scales. Having a specialist in the palm of your hand can make a difference in an emergency. One of the large companies dedicated to animal health, which also combines appointment scheduling services or prescription drugs, is Covetrus, which has become one of the largest global supply chain providers.

Getting involved in development and advancement

These companies mentioned above are just a few examples in which you as an investor can get involved. Choosing an area of ​​interest and notifying your financial advisor is vital for your investment to generate a feeling of satisfaction both financially and humanly.

Investing in companies that are generating technological advances in the area of ​​pets or animals has countless benefits locally and globally, and BBVA New Gen has a broad portfolio that will help you invest in what you support.

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