Companies to invest in space exploration and technology according to Bloomberg

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Other topics, Travel technology / 15 January, 2022
Companies to invest in space exploration and technology according to Bloomberg

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The terms space exploration and technology can sound very catchy when used in literature and fiction. However, it is a fact that this industry continues to attract the attention of investors who seek to promote their development through their financial capital and this growing popularity has led BBVA New Gen to make the decision to include this trend in its analysis list.

For this reason, here you can find three companies to invest in that are closely related to space exploration and/or the technology necessary to have a greater understanding of space and the territory to be explored.

Travel tech and new business opportunities in the industry

Travel tech and new business opportunities in the industry

One of the greatest benefits of this type of tourism is the generation of new business models, as well as the search for opportunities that have not existed until now. Augmented reality, for example, would help to generate a new type of completely virtual experience.


Founded in 1969 in Canada, this company presents itself as “the largest developer and manufacturer of space technology, with more than 2,000 employees throughout the country.” It specializes in categories such as geo-intelligence, robotics, space operations and satellite systems, and its history is based on inventions that have been the basis of many technologies that are used today, such as:

  • Use of digital processors to reconstruct NASA images
  • MSAT-1, whose technology enabled mobile communications in space.
  • Ground observation stations distributed worldwide.
  • APXS, a soil analysis instrument that was launched along with NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Its constant contributions to technology and space exploration have made it a leading company in the area.

2.Lockheed Martin

With more than 100 years in the market, this company began its journey with aircrafts and diversified into satellites and space technologies such as JCSAT-13, which represents the company’s 100th commercial geostationary satellite. In addition, they have research missions such as the gravity probe relativity mission and technologies for better astronaut performance in the sky, such as the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) that took a decade to complete.

Lockheed Martin was also involved in designing space shuttles with an external tank that greatly reduced the weight of the space shuttle, allowing it to carry a larger payload into space.

This company has a long history and diversity of technologies already proven in the area that give it a high position in the list of companies with the best performance in the technology and space exploration industry.

3.Rocket Lab

This space manufacturing company founded in 2006 has specialized in reliable launch services, spacecraft, satellite components and in-orbit management. Their website reflects 109 satellites deployed to date, as well as their participation in 23 launches and they have pioneered technologies with contributions such as the first 3D printed electric pump powered motor.

They have participated in numerous launches as well as deployment of satellites after becoming the first private company in the southern hemisphere to reach space.

Sky is not the limit

These are three of the many options that an investor has to get involved in space exploration and technology. Their trajectories and successful projects have been key for this industry to become a current trend and BBVA New Gen seeks to connect you with those trends that may seem unattainable, but are not.

Are you ready to invest in space exploration and technology?

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