Companies that revolutionize the management of Big Data

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Big Data, Digitalisation, New technologies / 20 March, 2022
Companies that revolutionize the management of Big Data

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

The Big Data industry has become an important technological resource for companies and businesses that seek to simplify the information they generate daily to analyze and identify patterns, errors, or improvements that can be applied.

One of the reasons why this industry continues to grow is that there are currently almost 8 billion people in the world and the amount of data that each one can generate is so high that it becomes a challenge to analyze it correctly.

Advantages and disadvantages of Big Data

Advantages and disadvantages of Big Data

Big Data refers to the accumulation of an enormous amount of data for study. This sounds simple but the large volume of data that is generated minute by minute is what has made Big Data more than just a set of statistical techniques and digital tools for its study.

To illustrate the amount of information that each user can generate, it was reported that by 2020, each person generated around 1.7 megabytes per second. Each application, program, social network or platform that is used generates a considerable amount of microdata that, if processed correctly, becomes valuable information for each company.

Staying at the forefront of technological advances is a vital aspect for all Big Data companies, especially since the amount of information continues to increase and the speed of its analysis is what gives industries the possibility of increasing their profitability or results.

As part of BBVA New Gen‘s goal of keeping up with those companies and industries that stand out the most within each trend, here are some examples.

3 Big Data companies to invest in


This company has specialized in database and analytics related software, products and services since its founding in 1979 in California. Some of his most recent recognitions are being part of the top 100 of the IDC Fintech Ranking, being named “cloud leader” by the consulting and research company, Gartner; and being rated a leader by The Information Difference.


Founded in Paris, France, in 2005, Criteo focuses on data analytics for the marketing industry specifically. This allows companies to increase their sales, improve their connection with the customer and their services, as well as understand how their audience thinks. With more than 22,000 clients, its future projections make it an option to take into account when investing.


With more than 30 years in business, NetApp specializes in data factories built to more effectively handle Big Data. Their trajectory, structure and results have led them to work with companies such as DreamWorks, Mailer Lite, CONA Services, among others.

Big Data and cybersecurity

An important part of the big data industry is cybersecurity. For this reason, BBVA New Gen also has recommendations that combine online security with the handling of Big Data.

With the increase in the use of electronic devices, internet purchases, financial platforms, and others, the amount of data to analyze continues to grow. That is why this part of the technology industry has positive projections for the future.

How to invest in Big Data?

From BBVA New Gen we have compiled the companies and investment funds that are dedicated to Big Data find out how to invest in the companies that are revolutionizing the sector

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