Biotechnology: what is it for?

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Biotechnology, Healthy life / 13 June, 2022
Biotechnology: what is it for?

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Biotechnology has been improving since its discovery in 1919, to the point of being considered one of the most important industries thanks to its long list of applications.

Its impact in other areas has attracted the attention of investors globally looking to leverage their capital and do so with purpose and push the boundaries of the unknown.

The expectation then points to the growth of this industry in the coming years. It continues to be a pillar of growth in each country, providing jobs and advances that seek to improve the quality of life.

Therefore, we will highlight its multiple applications which give the investor the possibility of a diversified and purposeful portfolio.

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Investing in biotechnology and health is an important decision, given that during the pandemic generated by COVID-19 these sectors have remained stable and have shown growth before, during and it is expected that after the times of coronavirus.

What are the types of biotechnology that exist?

Among the types of biotechnology, the following stand out:

  • Red Biotech, which specializes in vaccines and drugs.
  • Green biotechnology, which is responsible for advances in agriculture and food.
  • White biotechnology, dedicated to industrial processes and development of biofuels.
  • Yellow biotechnology, specializing in food and nutrition.
  • Blue biotechnology, focused on aquaculture processes and benefits of the sea.
  • Gray biotechnology, specialized in environmental processes and recovery.
  • Golden biotechnology or bioinformatics, dedicated to obtaining, storing, analyzing and separating biological information, especially in terms of DNA and amino acid sequences.

What can biotechnology be used for?

Depending on the type of technology, a considerable number of applications of each are broken down. Among them, the role of biotechnology in medicine can be highlighted, which has been responsible for technological advances that marked a before and after, as is the case of vaccines against COVID-19.

But they are not only limited to advances in medicine. In the case of food, this area is responsible for the well-known transgenic foods, which refers to foods whose genes have been modified with genetic engineering for multiple purposes, such as accelerating their production to combat world hunger.

It also has an important role in the research and use of aquatic organisms, remembering that there are currently parts of the deep sea that have not been adequately studied, so its benefits could be considerably high.

Biotechnology is also applied at the environmental level with a process known as bioremediation, which is defined as the use of organisms to recover contaminated environments, which can be terrestrial or aquatic. This important application is one of the many ways to fight global warming and reduce environmental impact.

As for the industrial part, this field also has a lot to contribute by providing intelligent materials that can increase production, alert plant emergency personnel, prevent disasters, among many others.

The future of biotechnology

This discipline has, without a doubt, a long list of contributions to each industry and investment in it guarantees being able to explore new applications that improve people’s quality of life, reduce environmental impact, or improve industrial processes.

For this reason, BBVA New Gen has included the biotechnology industry as one of many in which the investor can get involved with multiple forms of investment.

And you, are you ready to invest in this field of the future?

How to invest in Biotechnology?

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