Biotechnology and its role in vaccines against COVID-19

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Biotechnology / 5 December, 2021
Biotechnology and its role in vaccines against COVID-19

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

One of the aspects that the current pandemic stressed to us is how necessary it is to invest in studies that allow us to be more prepared to attend to emergencies related to health emergencies that may pose a danger to society. Although the response of health personnel has been worthy of applause, biotechnology has also become popular in the financial market as a way for investors to support and promote the development of this industry as a first card of battle.

Biotechnology and COVID-19

This broad interdisciplinary branch refers to the application of technology that uses biological systems and living organisms to generate goods or services. In the particular case of the coronavirus, research centers have focused, among other things, on deciphering one of the terms that has been constantly heard in recent years … The “genome” of the virus.

When it comes to the genome, it refers to all the genetic material that a virus contains and this information is of vital importance to develop the therapies and vaccines that can be of greater impact compared to the traditional ones.

In fact, biotech vaccines can generate immediate immune responses in symptomatic people, contrary to the traditional vaccines currently offered, which are preventive in nature.

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Investing in biotechnology and health is an important decision, given that during the pandemic generated by COVID-19 these sectors have remained stable and have shown growth before, during and it is expected that after the times of coronavirus.

The change in vision that the pandemic generated

The pandemic has meant a historic moment for humanity. This virus has shifted priorities from micro to macro and this has brought health to the fore. However, it is not just general health but a more focused interest towards research, innovation and preparation.

This change in thinking and priorities has brought as a consequence an attraction of investors to sectors that encompass this topic and among them, specialized biotechnology in the health area stands out, thanks to its wide range of applied sciences and the capacity that it may have. not only in terms of viruses but also in terms of disease detection, advances in studies, drug development, and others.

Investing in health has come to the fore and there are countless industries that encompass this sector, so for the investor it is a door to diversify their investment portfolio and invest in an industry that clearly must keep innovating, studying and researching.

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