Benefits of space technology on Earth and why invest in it

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New technologies, Travel technology / 7 April, 2022
Benefits of space technology on Earth and why invest in it

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Being able to make calls from a cell phone, locate yourself through an online map, the vegetables you eat and even the filtered water you drink are just some of the areas of our daily lives that benefit from space technology. In the last century, the conquest of space has been one of the greatest interests of countries around the world, dedicating billions of dollars every year to space technologies, which have ended up being part of our lives as civilians as well.

The space race has ceased to be a geopolitical issue to become a common interest, know below some of the benefits that space technology offers us for life on Earth and why you should consider it in your investment strategy.

Companies to invest in space exploration and technology according to Bloomberg

Companies to invest in space exploration and technology according to Bloomberg

Investing in everything related to space is a way of supporting the exploration of the unknown and being part of technological advances that accelerate the possibilities of human beings in space is possible by determining those companies with the greatest impact on the industry, such as Example: MDA, Lockheed Martin and Rocket Lab.

Benefits of space technology on Earth

In location and communication services

Are you one of those people who make video calls with your loved ones and use Google maps when you want to get somewhere unknown? Then you make great use of the artificial satellites orbiting our planet, of which there are more than 6,000! We owe our ability to connect in seconds with a person or event on the other side of the world to space technology.

In agriculture

Phenomena such as droughts, floods and even pests can be better studied, understood and even predicted – scientifically speaking – through satellite monitoring of crops, facilitating the work of farmers, protecting their profits and providing better quality food for consumers.

For drinking water and food

Space agencies such as NASA and ESA innovate every year in their technologies for water filtration, food cultivation and food preservation for space missions.

These are constant concerns of the International Space Station, since for now the only known place in space where food can be grown and drinking water can be obtained is our Earth, however, by managing to feed their astronauts out there, they have also innovated the processes of water purification and cultivation, especially in rural areas, benefiting millions of people living in remote places where drinking a simple glass of water is a challenge.

Climate change and extraterrestrial colonies for its mitigation

The scientific evidence on climate change is gigantic and in as little as 50 years there is a risk of droughts, heat waves and floods that will wipe out cities and entire countries, which would also represent a freshwater and crop crisis.

There are already space projects looking for the best places in the solar system to establish space colonies that could, for example, carry part of our agricultural needs in order to reduce the greenhouse gases that this industry generates on our planet, as well as for human settlement.

How soon will we be able to talk about the first extraterrestrial humans? We don’t know, but we do know that this is no longer the plot of a fictional movie, as work is being done to make it a reality.

Space technology is a clear investment trend for 2022 in the opinion of BBVA New Gen, are you going to miss it?



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