Benefits of investing in autonomous vehicles for businesses

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Mobility, Self-driving vehicles / 7 April, 2022
Benefits of investing in autonomous vehicles for businesses

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

DP World, Ford and Amazon are just a few of the tech giants that are investing in – and using – autonomous vehicles for businesses, facilitating their day-to-day tasks: from delivering parcels to transporting goods around their facilities, significantly reducing costs, accidents and their carbon footprint.

Ford and DP World alone plan to invest some $7 billion in autonomous vehicle research and production over the next decade. But what, specifically, makes autonomous vehicles a smart investment for businesses? We tell you about it below!

Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles

Advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles

Since the first motor vehicles were born, the automotive industry has not stopped evolving. Let's talk about autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles for businesses: a smart bet.

Perhaps the most famous examples of autonomous vehicles have been seen in public transport: countries such as Japan and Chile have autonomous buses on test that are part of their day-to-day operations, with excellent results. But why not implement them for companies as well? Here are some of the reasons to invest in autonomous vehicles for companies:

– Safety: autonomous vehicles have the advantage of artificial intelligence and 360° vision, which we humans do not possess; these features work to significantly reduce traffic accidents.

– Efficiency: by driving automatically, without the need for human interaction with the vehicle and moving at a constant speed, autonomous vehicles for companies will be more efficient in traffic and will be able to perform tasks such as home deliveries or transporting goods and even transporting personnel – to make their journey more comfortable – more quickly.

– Inclusion: thanks to artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles for companies are easily adaptable for people with reduced mobility, visual impairment, among other conditions that we must take into account for the welfare of staff in any company.

– Sustainability: given the new European regulations on vehicles and sustainable energy trends in the modern world, investment in autonomous vehicles also contemplates that they are instruments of sustainable mobility, environmentally friendly, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of companies.

Autonomous vehicles are definitely the future of transportation worldwide, both public and private, and a clear investment trend for our BBVA New Gen experts. Contact us to find out what options we have for your financial asset strategy to keep pace with technological advances in the world!



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