BBVA New Gen optimises its clients’ digital experience with biometrics

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Innovation, New Gen, Private banking / 14 September, 2022
BBVA New Gen optimises its clients’ digital experience with biometrics

Belén Villar Client Solutions

BBVA New Gen, the digital business line of the group’ subsidiary in Switzerland, has incorporated a new and improved biometric recognition process by Veridas. This advance in its technology boosts its international expansion by enabling the authentication of the real identity of its customers, located in different parts of the world, in a matter of minutes with a simple selfie.

One year after launching this innovative offer, complementary to BBVA Switzerland‘s traditional private banking model, New Gen is taking firm steps to meet the demands of a new investor profile that seeks freedom and control over their finances. For this reason, protecting the security of identification processes has become one of the priorities in order to continue scaling the business.

The use of biometric technology allows reaching out ever further and covering more and more types of customers, regardless of their geography. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the new digital onboarding offers customers the possibility to register their account opening request in a single, improved process. 

This system, developed jointly with Veridas, a BBVA participated company and international leader in digital identity verification, besides verifying the user’s identity by means of an ID card or passport from more than 40 countries of tax residence, allows proof of life with a simple ‘selfie’ and signing the opening contract completely digitally with an essential upgrade that reinforces operational excellence: it is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and in the language the user chooses to be assisted in.

The latest advances in technology, data protection, fraud detection and information security make for a seamless experience with the highest standard of security. 

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